Redstar Magic Lighting Stage

Redstar Magic Lighting Stage, the first panoramic and holographic theatre of the country, is produced jointly by Prism Media and the
Redstar Theatre under the Hangzhou Culture, Broadcasting and Television Group.
It is conveniently located at 280 Jianguo South Road, Hangzhou .

The Stage creates an all-round immersive experience through leading holographic virtuality technology for cultural events. Within the
theatre, a virtual show is transformed into a real-world experience by the combination of sound, light, image and music. That is a wholly
new and innovative approach for stage performance.

The Redstar Panoramic and Holographic Theatre merges arts and technology to a perfect extent. It also introduces those holographic IP
performances featuring magic, interactive and entertaining contents. Those have made the place a universal theatre, ideal to provide
sci-fi experience, news broadcasting and virtual reality shows.

The Theatre Address

Add : 280 Jianguo South Road,Hangzhou,China.

Contact Us

Tel : 0086-571-87703111

P.C : 310009